Hi! I am Kelley and I live in Portland Oregon with my husband, Matt.  After 8 years of dating, we got engaged and married!  See our wedding featured on Hey Gorgeous! 

Now, let's get real because I don't like to sugar coat anything or pretend my life is something that it is not.  I started this blog in 2010 when I was laid off from my interior design job in an attempt to focus on the positive aspects of my life.  I created this place as a way to focus on the joys of life, in the midst of a time when I felt lost and confused about my future.  I am still in the process of figuring out what I want to be when I grow up.  Since I started this blog in 2010 I have had an assortment of jobs, which have all been design related.  I am still trying to find my way, but I do know that I ultimately want to be in a creative design field.  Last year, my mom and I started a leather bracelet and belt company - K+M Leather

One thing I want to be clear on with this blog, is that it is not my intention to portray my life as picture perfect.  I do however, try to focus on the joys of this life that God has blessed me with.  It is my hope that those who visit Kelley Maria will leave feeling good about themselves and about life.  Although life is not perfect, it is possible to see beauty in the midst of a storm.  My goal is to focus on the positive rather than the negative, which can be very difficult at times!  Let's have a good time and focus on the joys of life, whether big or small.