December 29, 2013

27 Weeks

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!  I am now at 27 weeks and wanted to share a little update on pregnancy so far.  Highlights include feeling the baby kick, punch and move around!  The baby's movements have gotten stronger each week and are becoming easier to feel.  Putting on socks is becoming harder, which makes sense considering it feels like I am trying to lean over with a basketball under my shirt.  We still have not decided on a name.  It is such a big decision and for some reason we are having a harder time coming up with boy names then we did with girl names.  I finally gave in and bought some maternity clothes at Gap.  I originally didn't want to buy maternity clothes and didn't think I would need to, but maternity jeans and stretchy long shirts are so much more comfortable!  It is hard to get creative with outfits considering all I ever want to wear are leggings.  Comfort is the first priority when getting dressed in the morning!  A favorite product that I purchased a couple months ago is Mama Mio Tummy Rub - it has relieved my skin of feeling itchy and dry.  I was on the search for a good stretch mark / moisturizing cream and gave this a try and have been really happy with it so far.  Who knows if I will end up getting stretch marks, but it has drastically improved the look and feel of my skin in this dry, cold weather.  

Those are the random changes, updates and thoughts currently happening at 27 weeks pregnant. 


  1. What a gorgeous picture of a gorgeous woman! Love Barb