November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving in a Nutshell

This Thanksgiving was the perfect fall day - crisp, filled with sunshine and blue skies.  Just before dinner, the sky turned all sorts of colors and we witnessed the most beautiful sunset.  A fitting gift from God on a day we are reminded that life's simple gifts are the most important gifts of all.  Black Friday sales don't even compare.

I am thankful for...
my family.
our health.
and just being together.

What about you?


  1. Beautiful pics - I love the boot shots!
    Hope you had a happy weekend x

  2. Love the boot shot! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. What a gorgeous sunset!! And the boot pictures are awesome!! Gorgeous family :)

  4. I love the two boot photos, beautiful!

  5. Looks like such a fun thanksgiving. and i love that boot picture!! I am SOOOO excited to team up with you in December Kelley! Can't wait for our blog party to start tomorrow! xox

  6. Your photos are breathtaking, I love all the colours!


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