October 29, 2012

DIY Halloween Costume

This past Saturday Matt and I began our search for Halloween costumes, just hours before the party.  We seem to wait until the last minute every year!  I could have made my life easier and purchased a packaged costume, but this was not the Halloween party to do that.  Everyone sports a homemade costume.  In addition to making my own costume, the next guideline was to create this costume on a budget - because who wants to throw down a bunch of money on a costume?  Once I decided on the Black Swan as my costume, I knew I needed a black tutu.  I thought about making my own tutu, but realized I didn't have enough time.  In desperation, I attempted to try on a child size tutu from Target.  As I entered the dressing room, the saleswoman wished me "good luck."  No such luck.  I eventually gave in and went to the costume store where I found a tutu for $20.  This was the big ticket item of the costume.  Everything else was under $5 each.
Here is how I created my last minute costume, on a budget, in a short amount of time:
Here is what I did:
1.  Use Super Glue Gel to secure the feathers to the upper left side of the tank top.  Overlap the feathers by starting at the top center and continue to layer by working your way down and to the left.
2.  Spray the tiara with black gloss spray paint.
3.  Use white face paint to cover your face, ears and neck.
4.  While looking at a photo of the Black Swan (try this one), use a black eye pencil to create the dramatic eyes.  I then used a shimmery white shadow to highlight parts of my eye makeup.
5.  Line lips with black pencil, apply dark red lipstick and smudge the two together.
6.  Now put on sheer white tights, feathered tank top, tutu, ballet flats and finish with the tiara - you are now officially the Black Swan.  Be sure and pose accordingly.
On another DIY costume note, Matt went as Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas.  The long coat he is wearing was found at Goodwill - in the women's section!  We cut it to give a raw, jagged edge.  Matt made the "bat collar" himself from a sheet of foam.  Impressive, right?  Despite my professional ballerina pose, I am not a ballerina.  Although, I always wanted to be.


  1. Oh my gosh I can't believe you guys made those costumes at the last minute! Both of them turned out great and I would have never known you put them together inexpensively and at the last minute! Props to you too!

  2. This is super impressive!!
    Absolutely live your costumes and even more knowing you made them - well done!

  3. Kelly you are a knock out! Barb

  4. That's so rad! I love it!