August 7, 2012

Inspired by Summer

I love to collect pretty images.  I could spend countless hours seeking out inspiration through lovely words and imagery.  Before Pinterest, I would look through magazines and tear out pages that I loved.  My bedroom wall was an eclectic collage of personal photos, favorite quotes and magazine pages.  I was very proud of that wall.  I am sure my childhood friends still remember it.  There is something about a photo or words that can stir my heart and leave me feeling rejuvenated -- whenever I am in need of a little mental boost, I seek out words and photos.  They always leave me feeling inspired.  Here is what I am currently inspired by during this summer season:
This watermelon smoothie is just one of the many recipes that leave me feeling hungry over at Marshall's Abroad.  Not only do Amanda's recipes sound delicious -- she takes the most gorgeous photos of her food.  That girl has a serious talent!  Go see for yourself. 

Where do you find inspiration?

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  1. I think my "quotes" board on Pinterest is the one that has more pins! I certainly get inspired by words and photos. I used to do the same thing, tear out pages from magazines and organize them in a folder by interest (OCD much?). In fact, I still do that! But less OCD about it.

  2. These are definitely some pretty images!

  3. I did the same thing. I'd find pictures from magazines and would save them or I'd find pictures online and save them to an inspiration folder. Pinterest has my mind going crazy...that's so much to see. I love finding pretty images. Sometimes there's no words why I like it...I just do. Ha.

  4. Gosh I am just like you. I can remember spending hours and hours and hours making collages of all my favorite things from magazines! I loved it!! And now I do the same thing just on a computer hahaha. Definitely less messy. I love the quote about start where you are :) Very inspirational!


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