December 11, 2011

Picking Paint

I envision a warm light gray painted on the walls in our home.  
Easy enough right?  Something similar to these:  
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

While researching paint colors, I came across one used by one of my favorite bloggers in their home.  I decided to get a sample and try it out because if I liked it, I wouldn't have to go to the trouble or take the time to select one on my own.  When I told Matt my brilliant idea, he was disappointed.  He felt that I should select a paint color on my own rather than use something found on a popular blog.  I ignored Matt because I thought this was going to be the perfect color.  I painted the sample in our living room and let it dry.  The paint color looked nothing like it had on the blog, which did not come as a surprise to me.  I knew that a paint color can look completely different depending on the lighting, size of a room and many other factors.  You would think I knew better, but I did the same thing all over again by selecting a color used by another blogger.  Again, I didn't like it.  At this point, I realized that I had learned my lesson.  I needed to pick out something on my own.  I went back to the paint store, found a color that was exactly what I envisioned and the result was just what I wanted!  The lesson learned here is that I need to trust my ability to make a decision on my own.  If I had done so in the first place, I would have saved myself a lot of time and money.  What I thought was going to make selecting a paint color easier, actually made it more difficult.  Learn from my mistake and trust yourself rather than go with what others do.  Lastly, listen to your husband (or wife) too!  Thank you to my husband for having confidence in me when I can't seem to find it in myself.  

*Tip: when testing a color, I paint on both walls in a corner so that the color reflects off of itself and is portrayed correctly.


Sara B said...

Paint can be so tricky! I just painted my room a light gray color and I love it! Those pictures are all super pretty too. Hope you can find something that works!

Elle said...

I've had the difficulty when I've done painting. I totally envision what I want but something just doesn't look right. I can't even tell you how many rooms I've reprinted in my house. My hubby just rolls his eyes at me now!

MarieHarmony said...

Great Inspiration there! How hard I imagine it is to find the good colour. Sometime it takes some mistakes to find the good one! And something I have learnt too, husband know us well, better than we imagine!!!
have a lovely day.

Leah said...

I love these colours! The softness is so welcoming!

xo L.

Mary Nolte said...

Kelley, funny creatures we are. We know better and pick from o picture on the computer. As an Interior Designer Color Consultant ( ) here are a few tips to never do when picking color...never pick a color based on what it is named - never pick a color solely because your friend painted - never ask everyone one who you encounter what they think of the color - always paint A large 2 coat sample or 2 (not a zillion)in a lighted area and shadowed area...I could go on but need to get ready for the gym.
Wishing you a brightly colored day,
Mary Nolte
PS furniture NEVER tip...never buy furniture before measuring the furniture and measuring the space to see if it will fit...

ally (the ruffled lace) said...

i love that clock above the fireplace!!

Holly said...

I almost did this with our kitchen - I saw a dark grey color in a bloggers kitchen and said I must have that too! My bf knocked some sense into me & we went with a color that would go with all the kitchen features & one we both liked. We just finished painting the kitchen & dining room & it looks great :)

We're now on to painting two extra bedrooms - geesh painting is exhausting!! ;)

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