November 3, 2011

Travel Series - Nice, France

On the day we planned to leave Blois and take the train to Nice, we had some trouble trying to reserve seats on the train.  Up until now we had been able to reserve seats on the train the day we were planning to leave.  We soon found out that this is not always possible.  I know, total rookies!  We were determined to get to Nice and found an alternate route that would take a bit longer (overnight), but at least we were en route to our destination.  We were excited for Nice because we had plans to stay with a friend of a friend of a friend whom we had never met, but was apparently very excited to host us, cook authentic meals for us (yes!) and show us around.  The only problem was that we had not been able to reach this person.  It seemed that the phone number we had was wrong because every time we called and said who we were, the woman could not speak English (we were told our host knew English very well) and did not recognize the name we were asking for.  Ugh!
We journeyed on with the hope that we would eventually get a hold of our host.  We had a few train changes and an overnight sleep on the horribly uncomfortable seats.  I was so paranoid about my backpack that I kept waking up to check that it was still there.  I finally moved my bag to the floor below my seat and held onto it while I slept (I've heard the stories of bags being stolen on trains).  Stress combined with a small and uncomfortable seat - great night sleep, I tell ya.  
We arrived in Nice at 8 am feeling very tired and hoping that we would be able to reach our host.  To make the matter worse, we could not get the correct phone number because the only people who had it were vacationing and did not have cell phone reception.  We tried to look up our hosts name and call, but did not succeed.  We decided to put our bags in lockers at the train station and sight see.  
I noticed a lot of people lounging under umbrellas by the water and immediately wanted to do the same.  My lack of sleep was taking over and all I wanted to do was relax in the sun.  I hoped Matt would be willing to fork over a decent chunk of change to rent a couple of lounge chairs for the day.  He normally does not like to waste time laying in the sun, but his exhaustion was also becoming unbearable.  We rented two lounge chairs by the water, napped, relaxed and ended up laying around all day long.
We wandered through the streets and alleys of old Nice and found a path with stairs that led to an amazing view...

We were not able to get a hold of our host which was a big bummer, but it added to the spontaneity of our trip.  It was a good thing that we were used to looking for accommodations as we arrived at our destination.  After a trip to the internet cafe, we found a place to stay in the city.  We loved the warm weather, bright blue water and old architecture of this beautiful city!

Check back for our next stop in the travel series!


  1. Nice looks gorgeous! It's def. on our travel wish list!!

  2. Nice is amazing! I was there in June and it makes me so happy to see your pictures, brings back my memories of that beautiful city. Ironically, we had much trouble with transportation and finding our hotel when we were there too! Either way, such a beautiful place, and your photos are great. Enjoy your travels!

  3. Looks WONDERFUL!! I am trying to plan a trip there in August or September of this year. Did you all actually go in November? Looks like the weather was awesome!
    Check out out travel blog. :)

    1. I highly recommend Nice! We were actually there in July. It was sunny and hot!


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