September 13, 2011

Travel Series - Palace of Versailles

While in Paris, we made a day trip to the Palace of Versailles.  We didn't stop at the Palace however, but also toured the Grand Trianon, Marie-Antoinette's Estate, and wandered through the gardens and park.  I have talked to many people who made the trip outside Paris to visit the Palace of Versailles, but unfortunately neglected to visit the other beautiful residences and gardens on the property.  Touring the Palace was wonderful, but wandering through the gardens and stumbling upon a grotto and the other residences on the property are what made this trip unforgettable.  We felt like kids wandering around Disneyland, only we were "adults" wandering through the grounds of Versailles.   
The train ride from Paris to Versailles was about 30 minutes.  When we arrived, we purchased our passes from a shop near the entrance. You can also buy a pass online.

The Hall of Mirrors - be prepared for large crowds as you tour the Palace.  The crowds are worth the jaw-dropping, intricate and ornate interiors.  A quiet stroll through the gardens offers a nice break from the crowded interiors of the Palace.  I don't want to spoil the experience for those who have not been by showing photos of the interiors and decor.  I will leave that for you to discover with your very own eyes!

I contemplated not posting this photo despite the awesome background because of Matt's lovely way of displaying his shoes airing his stinky shoes out, but then I figured that would be a false display of who we are. Yep, we are those tourists who take off their stinky shoes and set them upon the historic walls surrounding the prestigious Palace of Versailles to air them out. The King would have been appalled.

Marie-Antoinette's Hamlet.

Entrance to the Grotto.

As you can see, the grounds of Versailles are endless!   We had so much fun wandering down paths not knowing where they would lead to, only to find a magnificent structure towering over us or a little village!  It was magical.  Trust me when I say that you must not stop at visiting the Palace when you come to Versailles.  There is so much more!  On a side note...

I should mention our trusty travel companion while in Paris - Rick Steves!  This guy knows his stuff and we frequently referred to his book.  Thanks Rick! 

Check back for our next stop on the Travel Series.


  1. Isn't that place amazing?! So worth the jaunt outside Paris.

    PS: My friends jokingly call Rick Steves my "travel lover."

  2. I'm so happy you posted this...we will be in Paris next month at this time and Versailles is on the list!

  3. Versailles is so wonderful. I was there on a nice fall day, with the leaves falling, and it made walking around so magical!!

  4. These are my childhood many times I wandered the gardens of Versailles with my granddad - I remember he was telling me all about the history of this place, the secrets and love affairs (he knew everything by heart and I could stay hours listening to him, imagining I was a princess).
    I wish I will take soon my husband to visit this special place to my heart - he won't hear the stories of this glorious past cause my granddad passed away but maybe I will remember.....

    Thank you - This post makes me feel happy.

  5. great photos! and I take stinky shoes over tourists in high heels any day :)

  6. Beautiful!! France is the next location on my travel list and Versailles is a must do while visiting!! Looks like the perfect vacay and perfect weather. I can't wait to go!

  7. These photos are so breathtaking! Thank you for taking such beautiful photos and sharing them.

    Also, I'm all for being an embarrassing tourist, I mean it's not like anyone KNOWS you ;)

    annie | WEMAKEPLANS

  8. i just got back from Paris not too long ago but wasn't able to visit Versailles. so sad! :(



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