August 15, 2011

Travel Series - Paris, France

We hopped on the train in Bury St. Edmunds en route to the airport where we flew Easy Jet to Paris.  When we landed in Paris, I quickly realized that I was no longer hearing English over the loud speakers.  I guess you could say a mild case of panic set in as I realized I had no clue what was being said (dumb American).  Luckily, Matt took one whole year of French in high school (phew) and I knew we would be totally fine!  Right?  In a frantic state of panic I asked Matt, "how do I say 'hello' again?"  I know - embarrassing, but this is the truth.  I was going to try my hardest to appreciate the culture and speak in French - or at least say one word in French.  In my case, that word was "bonjour!"
Croque Monsier & Creme Brulee.
For those of you like me, Croque Monsier means ham and cheese on bread.   Just as we were leaving, Matt started running back towards the Eiffel Tower again.  I looked up to see the Eiffel Tower twinkling.  Such a beautiful sight that I am so glad we caught just in time!

...and of course we had to go back the next day for a daylight view, too! 
I call this, "the classic tourist shot."  Bare with me because there are a lot of them.
White tank top included. 

Notre Dame

It was impossible to resist the walk up baguette stands.   I wish we had those here.

We had a relaxed dinner of wine, bread, cheese and fruit at the Luxembourg Gardens.  We drank the wine out of plastic water bottles.  Classy.  Better than straight from the bottle, right?

The Louvre.  Yup, in my white tee.

Centre Pompidou - modern and contemporary art museum.

Musee d'Orsay
We packed 3 museums into one day, which I do not recommend.  We had so much that we wanted to see and do and unfortunately the museums had to be in the same day.  By the end of the day, we were exhausted.  So exhausted that we started mocking tourists by taking the exact same photo as soon as they left.  In a museum of priceless art, we found a lady taking this same photo in a corridor of the museum...

Don't get me wrong.  
That is one beautiful chandelier, but I'm not sure I understand the excitement of it when we are in Musee d'Orsay?!

Check back for our next stop in the travel series! 


  1. we went to this park outside the louvre too! loved it. cute pictures!

  2. gorgeous Kelley!!

  3. Hi! I am new to your blog and love it! just wanted to stop over and say hello! That pic of you guys in front of the tower is so cute!!


  4. I just joined your blog and I just wanted to say that I am totally jealous that you got to go and explore Paris. I hope to travel there someday. All your pictures are amazing! It looks like you have a lot of fun :)

  5. Aaah, I can't wait to see Europe some day! Oh, and when people point out the white tee, just tell them it was hot! And white cools you down :)

  6. Well...I just realized how rad my synthetic satchel was. Thanks for plastering that baby all over this joint and reminding me!!

  7. ugghh...why am I named "unknown"??

  8. Thanks so much for sharing all these pics! Paris will hopefully be our next vacation after Brazil!

    I just feel like taking the next flight now :)

  9. How fun! I love Paris and your pictures just took me back vicariously through you! It looks like you had such a great time, Also, your dinner at Luxembourg Gardens was so cute - there is nothing wrong with drinking wine out of water bottles, I think you were very resourceful! :)

  10. Oh Paris! What a beautiful city. The Jardin du Luxembourg are definately a favourite of mine :)

  11. great photos! love love love Paris!!!!

  12. We are going to Paris in October...can't wait! Any hotel/B&B/apartment recommendations?

  13. What a glorious trip you had!! I'm longing to visit Paris one day!! You make it that much more appealing!


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