July 12, 2011

Yellowstone National Park

We stayed at Canyon Campground, which was a great central location to all of the sights.
Traffic came to a halt for about 10 minutes and to our surprise it was due to this fella who was trotting down the middle of the road.  Poor guy was all by himself, probably looking for his friends!PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket
Another buffalo traffic jam.  This dude was patiently waiting to cross the road, while all of the annoying tourists were stopping to take photos.   He was the last of the bunch that still needed to get to the other side.  I felt bad.  Photobucket

...I couldn't resist and snapped a quick photo as we passed him.  You can just call me "Tammy the Tourist."  That's a wrap on our trip to Yellowstone.  I took somewhere in the ballpark of 800 photos, but these were some of my faves.  Feel free to contact me if you have any specific questions about our trip. 

images (c) kelley maria


  1. love the pictures tourist tammy!!! :) looks like a great trip!

  2. Love the pictures! We went to Yellowstone when I was in elementary school, but I loved it! I need to go back!

  3. Beautiful!!! My husband and I want to plan a trip there next year. Looks amazing.

  4. I love the pictures. They are so great!! I love your blog :-)) you are so sweet.

    It would be a pleasure for me when you visit me also:


  5. My husbands family is from Montana so they've been to yellowstone a million times and I'm so jealous, never been once. one day, he promises (:

    These pictures are so utterly gorgeous! I adore them! definite framers!

  6. Awesome pictures!! I absolutely love the buffalo running down the road. What a site.

    P.S. You are gorgeous!!



  7. Tammy Tourist, you take some ah-maz-ing pictures! These better go in a frame or on a canvas somewhere! : )

  8. The pictures look amazing! That picture of the buffalo running down the middle of the street is hilarious.

  9. How fun! I've always wanted to go to Yellowstone. Your pictures make me want to go even more!

  10. You have such amazing pictures!


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