July 22, 2011

Travel Series - Bury St. Edmunds, England

With jet lags grip firmly pushing us deeper into exhaustion, we left London and headed to the quaint countryside of Bury St. Edmunds in search of some R&R.  Why Bury you ask?  Matt's cousin had a flat in Bury and offered it up to us!  We being the "thrify" travelers that we were, could not resist a free place to stay.  As made obvious by the smiles on our faces. 
{Matt in front of his cousin's flat}
It took a couple of train rides to reach Bury, but the trip was well worth it.  When we arrived, the town was alive with the sound of music and a street festival was going on.  People were dancing in the street to a live band.  So much excitement. So much exhaustion.  We decided to head to our flat and drop our bags off take the longest nap of our lives before checking out the street festival. We awoke in a dizzy haze and headed out to the festivities...only to find that there wasn't a single soul in sight.  Seriously, no music to be heard.  No people to be seen.  Just empty streets.  Quite bummed we missed the party, we decided to shake it off and get some dinner.  Everything was closed.  At 7:00 pm?!  Well, not everything.  After a mild freak out by me (I panic when I am hungry and don't have food) we wandered up and down the streets until we finally found a restaurant.  A good one too!  We celebrated with wine and pizza and chocolate cake, oh my!  Then we woke up the next day, had some delicious drinks and set off to see Bury. Photobucket
PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket The Angel Hotel has been visited by kings, queens, actors and writers - including Charles Dickens. 
PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket
We topped the trip off with a visit to the tiniest pub I have ever seen - The Nutsell.  Then wrote our names on a dollar bill and taped it to the wall.  Not sure why.  Everyone in the pub  told us to do it...so we did.  Must not upset the locals. Photobucket {Our new Nutshell friends}
Bury St. Edmunds was an unexpected, pleasant surprise.  The quiet and quaint town was a perfect resting spot.  We basically spent the entire time wandering up and down the cobblestone streets, through the gardens and gazing at the picturesque front porches. 

images (c) kelley maria


  1. Beautiful pictures!! Looks like a great place!

  2. wonderful images and recap. I love the trash can and sign, hilarious! Such a beautiful country, thanks for sharing.

  3. I love the doors too! That black & blue pair made for a great photo : )

    So cool that you traveled Europe together!!

  4. Super cute! My hubs just travelled to London and right outside the city for work and just about fell in love. I can see why if it looked anything like this! I love this series and can't wait to see where else you guys went around Europe!

  5. Do remember to watch out for the elderly! (haha)

  6. Found your blog via your guest post today - you take great pictures! We love to travel as well and it's always fun to find new places to add to our list. We went to England last year and love it - and the elderly people signs! I have a travel blog as well if you are interested in checking it out:


    Adding your blog to my reader - looking forward to future posts!

  7. I panic when I'm hungry and can't find food too - I also can get really, REALLY mean (usually directed at my husband, poor guy.)

  8. I love the collection of doors! You take brilliant pictures but more than that; your personality really come through in your posts!



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